The Master in International Relations and Asian Studies is especially aimed at students interested in mastering the various knowledge, techniques and skills related to international relations, both political and economic. Students must also be motivated to perfect their command of the English language, since part of the subjects and seminars will be taught in this language. Also, they will have to make presentations in this language for which they will receive specific training. Someone who wants to develop their professional career in the field of international relations must at least be fluent in English, but also must be open to the learning of other Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Hindi since it will substantially increase their employability.

In order to gain access to the master’s degree, candidates must have a B-2 level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or have completed at least 18 credits of English applied to their field of knowledge.

Bearing in mind that any student wishing to study this master’s degree must demonstrate a certain command of English, the profile of the student, although diverse, admits a general categorization that is presented, not hierarchized, below:

  • Graduates who have studied Degrees belonging to the branch of Social and Legal Sciences, preferably related to Commerce, Economics and Law; and graduates who have studied Degrees in Arts and Humanities, preferably those related to Geography, History, Journalism and Foreign Languages.
  • Graduates in Business Studies, Graduates in Economics and Business Studies, Graduates in Law, and other graduates of the branch of knowledge related to Social and Legal Sciences and Arts and Humanities.
  • Any other students, who have completed a degree, undergraduate degree or bachelor’s degree, both in Spain or abroad, concerned with international relations, and who are interested in learning the most advanced trade and international negotiation techniques or the best way to finance themselves in international markets.